Saturday, October 25, 2008


Yesterday I would give the share market panic selling situation (-32.21 points to close at 859.11 points) a call to BUY for next week movement. The market was in a PANIC situation yesterday. I never saw this kind of panic situation. Whether the share that I brought can make profit or not, it would be consider another issue. The share market is beyond volatile. It is chaotic.

It is just that the market appears to in a free falls since last week until now. How far it will go down at this stage ? I can't really find the answer for that but I can sense that the market selling activity is highly overdone. Not only in Malaysia but around the global.

I jump in and brought the IOI Corporation Berhad (2.49), Gamuda Berhad (1.39), IJM Corporation Berhad (3.00) and WCT Engineering Berhad (1.28). It appears that the bank and the fund are selling it willingly. All they want is CASH in hand. During this panic situation I would rather jump in and bet on the fundamental of the company.

Yesterday I would also rated it as a truly THE BLACK FRIDAY for the world financial market around the global. I still can remember when I made a call on October 7, 2008 that we will facing One of The Deadliest Disasters of all time. Greater Than The Mother of Tsunami and Earth Quake and it really happens yesterday.

First I thought October 10, 2008 would be The BLACK FRIDAY for the whole world financial market but yesterday I just can't really believe it that it happens again. In my 20 years involvement in the share market, I never see this kind of DISASTERS in my life. For the next few weeks to come we might heard someone might be jumping off from the buildings and take their own life. Who knows ?

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