Thursday, October 30, 2008


My article posted on Saturday, October 25, 2008 BLACK FRIDAY. SHOCKING FINANCIAL MARKET COLLAPSE, I did mention that I make a call to BUY for this week share market movement. Although the share market fall sharply on Friday last week and it continue to do so on Oct 28, Tuesday; I still maintain and continue to buy the shares and indeed yesterday I'm being able to made some profit and today I sold off most of my share that I have purchased during the last 3 tradings days. Still left some for tomorrow markets.

Tonight Dow Jones Industrial Average might be going up in tandem with the interest rate cut and with most of the Asia Financial market close higher. I would rather make a call to sell at strength for tomorrow share market movement.

When I started to buy, many of my friends don't dare to move in. Usually when this kind of scenario exists this would a sign of an opportunity to buy some shares with the condition that the share market is in a panic situation.

Today the share market went up sharply with the KL Composite Index gains +24.15 points to close at 853.56 points. No doubt the KL Composite Index still have a lot of rooms to move up, I would prefer to stay out and look through the whole situation in our world financial market. As we all can see today market performance is solely a technical rebound.

Tomorrow IOI shares prices movement will determine the way the market will move unless there is a new leader to lead the market and tomorrow I didn't expect the share market to perform better when the market close in the evening. No doubt some of the counters still look very attractive but what is going on in our world financial market will be our top priority to monitor.

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