Thursday, February 19, 2009

PKR Elizabeth Wong. Photo Of Her Sleeping Semi Naked, Out In Internet.

Yesterday while I was searching an article to dig out the latest news about Hilmi Malek, I was surprised to find out YB. Elizabeth Wong photos sleeping semi naked.

The picture was not clear enough but it did show that YB. Elizabeth Wong sleeping in a position with her two legs spread wide open. The problem with this picture is seeing her private parts but not clear enough whether she is wearing something or not.

This morning I went through again to the website again to check whether there is still any latest photo of her that might come out but the website has been banned.

The service blog provider stated : "This blog is under review due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations and is open to authors only".

There are also a few website posted the picture of her sleeping with her leg wide open. I won't mention which website because certain of this website are phonographic website. Today one of the Chinese Newspaper mentions that YB. Elizabeth Wong and her former ex-boyfriend, Hilmi Malex have a relationship break-up sometimes in October 2008. They already started their relationship long before the 12th General Election last year.

Hilmi Malex, 32, was a well good looking guy. He likes to wear tight t-shirt where mostly most of girls like to look at with all the muscles. Even his father also admits that Hilmi ex-girlfriend was YB. Elizabeth Wong. Maybe their relationship has turned sour and things cannot be rescue anymore.

Several comments from most of the bloggers posted in nationwide blogs suggest that YB Elizabeth Wong should continue with her work and not to resign as she can really perform her duty. If we want to argue about this matters, how about Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek ?

Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek can be consider one of the most potential leader when he become a Health Minister. He is a hard working minister during that time and travel to many places where by most of the former Health Minister never been there before. But because of a scandal in politics, he has to resign and become a normal citizen only.


iamyuanwu said...

"If we want to argue about this matters, how about Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek ?"

I feel that this argument is somewhat flawedand the comparison unfair. Soi Lek was having extra marital affairs, an morally wrong action which is to be condemned.

As for Elizabeth Wong, it was that her not-so-nice picture had been taken and publicised. I don't see what is morally wrong about sleeping in weird positions.

Jackie Lee said...

It is not about the picture. It is about she is sleeping with some other guys. A Malay guys. She is still single and moreover she is Yang Berhormat.

That is the main problem she is facing now. If this thing bring to the syariah court then it would be a problem for her. In Malay we call it ZINA.

No doubt she won't face any charges but this thing is unacceptable in the public.

Remember she is Yang Berhormat. If she can behave and be Yang Berhormat, I think the public will accept her.

Do you expect the public will accept her if she still having a relationship which is can sleep together before marry ?

iamyuanwu said...

Well, I can tolerate that. And I believe many urban dwellers (Klang Valley) wouldn't see it as too much of an issue.

But then again, we Asians are such hyporcrites when it comes to talking about sex and pre-marital affairs. =(

Jackie Lee said...

To iamyuanwu


I agree with you. Living in these Asian country especially in Muslim country like Malaysia and Indonesia more or less we need to respect their religion.

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Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

What is Elizabeth wong's full name and date of birth? Cuz you might just end up speaking the wrong girl....