Wednesday, February 25, 2009

KL Composite Index Movement Not Genuine.

A check again on the movement of the KL Composite Index suggests that the index is now moving away to avoid breaking the supporting channel. With the regional market not performing well, I was wondering why our share market behaved differently.

It should not have happen in the first place where by the KL Composite Index being push in the last minutes. With the regional market still going down and the KL Composite Index still hanging around that level, it would be very impossible for the Malaysian share market to pull some attention as the share prices still not attractive enough at this moment.

DJIA is creating new low but Malaysian share market is moving against the trend. If the Malaysian share market still reacts unnaturally with the fund manager from the government agencies pushing up the index to stay higher, it would create a time bomb to explode.

Basically I don’t like the way the KL Composite Index movement because it is not genuine. This is what we call the lousy Malaysian share market. The Government agencies should have leave it alone and let the Malaysian share market move naturally.

If the share prices still stay unattractive at this moment, people are not going to buy any of the shares because it is not attractive enough although some of the share prices look cheap but not cheap enough. In order for the share market to have a significant move or a genuine trend, the share market needs to behave according to the world financial market movement.


gt said...

very very true... BURSA or GOMEN must impose Unusual Market Action (UMA) to each other, for manipulating our market...

CP said...

Hi Jackie and GT,

...and they are telling us that they will check on any manipulations? What do u call these? haha