Monday, February 23, 2009

Dow Jones Still Unstable. Stay At The Sideline.

U.S. stocks are likely to face choppy waters this week, as the debate about whether or not to nationalize banks intensifies along with growing investor demand to rid the financial system of its toxic assets.

U.S. Financial instrument are facing the worst scenario right now. This few days will be crucial weeks for DJIA to see whether they can sustain around 7,500 points level. Eventhough the DJIA already breaks their current low recorded last year (7,449.38 point), a gap of about 300 to 500 point from its previous low will confirm its downtrend towards 6,000 points.

No doubt the KL Composite Index still manage to hold onto their current level, yet it is too risky to buy any of the shares at this moment. With most of world financial index still moving down, staying at the sidelines will be the best option to approach.

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