Saturday, February 21, 2009

Elizabeth Wong Photo Nude Take A New Level Between A Blogger And Google Management.

Two days ago I was mentioning in my article (click here) the blog that review Elizabeth Wong photos was block by the Google management. This morning I have received from someone in my comments (the author) that the blog has changed its name and switch to other website.

When I was reading the author comments why his blog was blocked I was surprised to find out that he claming that the blog of his was blocked by someone with a very good linked to google management.

It seems that these incidents (Elizabeth Wong scandals) are not involved in Malaysia only, it has went to a new level. A level of war between the google management and the author of the blog. Very interesting.

Here are some of his comments :

Thursday, February 19, 2009
Malaysia, Censorship And Google

Seem like Blogger/Google has blocked people from entering site, if you try to visit the site you see a message stating "This blog is in violation of Blogger's Terms of Service and is open to authors only."

Elizabeth Wong seems to have friends at Google. Just a day or two after the photos taken by her boyfriend and sent to several newspapers in Malaysia was leaked by someone and then posted on the blog. The blog was rank the top 35 website visited by Malaysian by so it is no surprise they would want to censored it.

Why would Google restrict a blog for posting pictures of a politician posing with her legs open for her boyfriend? The pictures were taken by her boyfriend and allegedly send to newspapers by him.

And then it was leaked onto the Internet and MMS by somebody. The blog is not based in Malaysia, the authors are not in Malaysia, No one in Malaysia is forced to visit it, so Google should not give to pressure from the political elite in Malaysia.

I know what this is about. It is about MONEY. The politician in Malaysia can probably hurt Google's money, hey I have no problem with that. But it would be nice it Google just say it, send me an email stating that I am hurting there money. Google is fully in there right to do anything with Blogger, just be honest about it. Tell me to fuck off because I am hurting your money in Malaysia.

Again the author posted another article mentions that The Gutter Blog Will Live ON...... This time he mention that certain people in Malaysian are unhappy with seeing one of their politicians spreading her legs in his blog.

Thursday, February 19, 2009
The Gutter Blog Will Live On

The Gutterpost Blog was fully backed up! All Posts Were Saved! Tell your friends that the site will always be available at http:// Now, we just have to find a save and reliable place to host the website. Respect for Google/Blogger is lost.

Look at the rank of the blog, a top 35 ranking among web users in Malaysia. That is right, the blog is the 35 most visited site by Malaysian. The people want to see what the politician and elites are hiding. The blog was in compliance with American law, so a few Malaysian politicians and wealthy elites cannot killed it.

Google/Blogger know the authors of the blog are not based in Malaysia, they know the blog is not in Malaysia. So it should not be censored because certain people in Malaysian are unhappy with seeing one of their politicians spreading her legs for her boyfriend. The pictures were allegedly taken by her boyfriend who we can assume had permission to be in the room with her.

So if he betrayed her by leaking their intimate pictures to local newspaper, it is his fault and her fault for trusting him in the first place. Gutterpost DID NOT SNEAK INTO HER BEDROOM AND TAKE HER PICTURES, she allow some asshole into her bedroom and her screwed her over. He had her permission to be there so those who say this is a privacy issue are dimwits.

Go after the right people, leave the Gutterpost alone. Many people had the pictures before it was sent to the Gutterpost. Many many people in Malaysia had the intimate pictures of Elizabeth Wong before they sent it in to the Gutterpost, the blog was only among the first to post it because the blog is not based in Malaysia. Anyway, the blog will be fully restore!


liew said...

do anyone has got the e-mail of thegutterpost.blogspot user?
i want to get invited man....

beliamuda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hey, all bloggers out there!

We need to assist Khalid to ward off all such stupid accusations against him and Nizar. Those of you who have information or knowledge of any wrong-doings by these UMNO bastards need to raise to the occasion and reveal them on this website or on Malaysia Today's website!

Enough is enough, these UMNO characters are trying to destroy the good work of the current government of Selangor, Perak, Kedah, Penang and Kelantan! Do not allow them to manipulate our democratic system for their own selfish gains. Do not allow them to abuse our rights to have the government we voted for. Do not allow them the opportunity to destroy our democracy because of their greed!

They may have all the government machineries and they may have the money to throw around to get what they want but we have the numbers and we have the passion and ability to analyse and report! We outnumber them in terms of commitment to the cause and we need to get the truth out to the general public for them to realise what is actually happening.

Knowledge is a powerful element which enables informed decisions to be made. Truth shall always prevail. The general public needs to be informed of the dark secrets of these characters, their intentions, their motives and the skeletons in their closets and the voters will then be in a position to cast an informed vote for the betterment of the nation!

There is a time to remain silent and a time to act. They are under attack from all fronts and we need to assist before it's too late. The time to act has arrived. The time to act is NOW! Use your pen, your keyboards as never before - in the name of democracy.

We shall prove to them once again that the humble pen is always mightier than the sword!!!

Anonymous said...

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