Wednesday, December 17, 2008

KL Composite Moving Side Way to Consolidation ?

Lately if we take a look on how the KL Composite Index movement, there is nothing interesting for us to write about. With nine more trading days to go before we celebrate Happy New Year 2009 ..... Still the KL Composite Index didn't show any sign to advance.

Usually the market will be quiet when Christmas and New Year are near by. If we want to calculate the Chinese New Year from now on, it would be 25 trading days. It is not long if we thinking of Chinese New year rally.

The question is there are two types of Chinese New Year rally. One is before and another one is after the Chinese New Year. Which one will take place and when it will happen ?

I still can recall usually the market will only show some reaction when the year end finish. Just have to wait but history has already shows that a major collapse in the share market was not likely to happen around January.

These few days our market share prices are moving in a mix situation. If we take a look on most of the share prices that were traded yesterday, some were moving higher and some were moving lower and lower. Yesterday share prices movements were not encouraging, most of them were showing sign of weaknesses or I would call them a consolidation move.

World financial markets are moving quiet stable but our market behave just like a little kid. Don't know how to learn to walk and run, just only know how to crawl. That is one of the bad things in our Malaysian share market. Always react just like an old man. Still we need to be patient.


alexlee said...

Santa Clause is coming to KLCI??
It's seen that short term upside is in the making~~~~!!
so be prepared to grab these opportunity...
Good Luck !!

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