Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Disappointed Movement From KL Compodite Index...

Like it or not, this is how our Malaysia share market performance. Yesterday was a disappointed move by the KL Composite Index. After opening up as high as +15 points, the KL Composite Index close down -3.11 points to close at 835.17 points.

If we take a look on some of these few counters traded in the Malaysia share market yesterday; Resorts World Berhad (-0.09, 2.15), Genting Berhad (-0.10, 3.66), MMC Corporation Berhad (-0.10, 1.15) and AFG Berhad (-0.11, 1.62), all of them are trading at their new lows and some even break their previously low recorded some 2 months back.

This is not a very good indicator but rather an opportunity to capture much cheaper price set by these few solid fundamental counters if these counters still keep on going down. Keep on monitoring the market movement from now on and it would eventually bring some fruits in the beginning of the new calendar year of 2009.

This month of December would be a perfect month to determine how our Malaysia share market will lead us to. As we can see the share market is still very weak. So trade it carefully.

Right at the moment we need to be patient in order to control ourselves not to get too excited once the world financial market move up strongly. I have been caught few times these two to three weeks.

It is not an easy share market to make some money. (E.G - Ramunia and AirAsia). I have lost on these trade. I will take this as a lesson for me in order to sharpen my skill in the future trading.

Latest development ; Sony Corp. is slashing 4 percent of its worldwide work force, reining in spending and shutting plants as it tries to ride out a looming worldwide recession that is battering Japan's export-reliant manufacturers. Tokyo-based Sony, which is cutting 8,000 of its 185,000 jobs, said it will shut five or six plants -- about 10 percent of its 57 factories.

Another company Ford Motor Co's Volvo Cars division will cut 3,401 full-time jobs, or 14% of the workforce and eliminate more than 1,000 temporary posts as the Swedish unit is prepared for sale by its US parent. Volvo will cut 2,721 employees in Sweden, including 2,367 blue-collar workers, and fire 680 outside the country. The car maker will also terminate the positions of 1,215 contract workers.

With this kind of news still pouring outside the world financial market it would eventually bring a huge disaster to the share market if the unemployment figure is still keep on rising without a Full Stop on it.

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