Saturday, December 6, 2008

AirAsia Boss Fernandez Eyes Singapore Airlines ?

This is something we need to look forward into the future when I read an article about it. It is quite an interesting article about an ambition by our Datuk Tony Fernandez. This article appear on The Sun.

Malaysian budget airline AirAsia's boss Tony Fernandez has said his long-term goal is to one day "take over" Singapore Airlines (SIA), the national airline of the neighbouring city state.

The maverick entrepreneur revealed his company's ambitions at the end of a slide presentation at an event where he was conferred an award by Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

To the amazement of those present, he showed two pictures - one of aircraft livery and the other of AirAsia's new uniform for its stewardesses. He told his audience that he would name his new company Singapore AirAsia.

Fernandez kept the audience in stitches throughout his one-hour presentation, ending it with the remark: "And this is the uniform the stewardesses on board Singapore AirAsia will wear." He pointed to a picture of a smiling woman wearing a combination of the famous SIA baju kebaya and striking red AirAsia skirt.

While many in the audience laughed it off, aviation industry observers said it was a signal from Fernandez following news reports of Malaysia Airlines being in talks for a strategic alliance with British Airways and Qantas.

A Malaysian news portal said that owing to global economic pressures, the airline industry was going through a consolidation period, with talks of mergers, acquisitions and bankruptcies dominating the business pages.

Lately AirAsia Bhd’s proposed privatisation is not taking off as its major shareholder Tune Air Sdn Bhd has been hampered by limited financing options due to the global credit crunch. AirAsia also announce they posted a loss of RM 465.5 million in the third quarter as it had a charge of RM 215 million to cover costs from unwinding hedging contracts and the likely non-recovery of collateral for trades held by Lehman.


alexlee said...

"Take Over" or "over take" is different meanings at all. I guess Airasia may have to "overtake" SIA in terms of revenue, profit, number of passenger, number of destination flied & etc first before consider to "Take Over" SIA.
What do u think guys??

Jackie Lee said...


You are correct...I think I would prefer the word "over take". It is much more better.....

Maybe another 20 to 30 years this word might turn out to be "take over"....

Who knows... anything can happen...but I'm doubt the about it..

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