Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dow Jones This Friday's Job Report Important to Economic ?

Another roller-coaster move from KL Composite Index. Lately we are experiencing some uncertainty over the KL Composite Index movement. It is not easy to determine whether the time has arrive ? Yet we still need to keep on monitoring the entire of the Bursa Malaysia share market movement.

This morning Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 270 points after fluctuating sharply. Yesterday investors got an additional lift after the Federal Reserve said it will extend the life of key programs aimed at loosening the credit markets and restoring stability to the financial sector. That helped make financial stocks, the hardest hit sector since the credit crisis began, among the market's biggest gainers.

On your right: THE DOW BIGGEST LOSSES - TOP 12 (Losses more than 500 points and above)

Yet the market remains uncertain about what might lie ahead, from how long the recession might last to more troubles in the struggling financial sector.

Wall Street this week is uneasy about a number of reports due to be released, primarily Friday's jobs report that is widely considered the most important economic reading of the month.

Anyway talk about some of the share prices movement, it appears that MRCB Corporation Berhad has shown some leadership in this few days movement. Just watch it. Maybe this counter might become a leader in the up coming Chinese New Year rally ? Who knows ?

With the uncertainty surrounding the DJIA, I would prefer to wait and have a look what would be the next course for the DJIA movement. It is not worth it to put your money when there is uncertainty surrounding the world financial market....

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