Sunday, December 21, 2008

Malaysia Stock Exchange. Accumulate On Weaknesses ?

Although the Malaysian share market didn't perform well on Friday after their recently huge run up on Thursday, many of the share prices still staying at their comfortable level. With three more trading days before Merry Christmas the share market will likely to behave quietly towards a long holiday for many investors.

A quick check from the charts already suggested that the Malaysian share market is in the process of building up it base and moving towards the north pole.

An indicator call Parabolic SAR indicates that it is time to accumulate any of our favourite counters as the KL Composite Index also showing some sign of moving forward.

If nothing really happen in the world financial market, the market movement will likely to last until March 2009 (UMNO General Election 2009). Still we need to remember that the KL Composite Index still inside the downtrend channel and we need to be careful when we want to choose our favourite counters. (not all counters will move)

On January 20, 2009. The President-Elect Barack Obama will be taking office, it will be a great history in America because he will became the first African-American president. For this occasion I don't think anything bad will happen during the month of January as it will be a start for the new president to address more measure to counter their country financial crisis.

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lantern said...

you may change the president,change the finance head etc
the fact of the matter is that this financial crises was triggered off by greed in wall street and more importantly-EXCESSES in a system which needs to be removed.
the federal authorities penchant for printing more money is not going to 'resolve' the deep seated problem of excessive consumption in USA-this temporary respite will again work her way to another crises if they dont close the failed banks closed the uncompetitive auto industry,choose to ignore or postpone closure of properties owed by people who shoudnt have bought those real estate in the 1st place etc!!

alexlee said...

US is a huge comsumption country whether u like it or not. That is why it is craeted hude demand for other part of world to produce more.. this is call Supply & Demands Concept.
World ecomonic circle is a routine circle for every 10 or 12 years. These round of situation is on world ecomonic trough. It may climb back soon, no matter how~~
This is also natural of universal law.....

lantern said...

even though consumptopn contributes to 70%of the GDP growth in USA does not necessarily mean one should condone excessive spending or in layman's term -spending beyond ones' mean

would you buy a million dollar flat on a salary of 5000?
of course not but in the good USA this is happening!!
how to trim these excesses?well you dont need the advise of a rocket scientist!!!!

forget about the traditional definition of growth and bust cycle-contemporary finances allows 'meddling'and manipulation by central bankers to postpone the inevitable-recession or reduced growth or consumption-in fact if not for federal greenspan aggressive manipulation of interest rates in the 90s'to 'defer' the recession,perhaps the magnitude of this impending financial catastrophe would not be in the scale of richter 8 earthquake
however all these doomsayers predicting a prolonged and ugly recession may be wrong afterall.with trillions pump into the economy and rich asian countries still buying USA printed papers or bonds of i promise to pay u *****we may yet witness another rapid recovery and after all being said and done will be just another storm in a teacup

Jackie Lee said...

Actually what really happen now is a good lesson for all of us to learn.

Yes USA is in a deep shit, this is a lesson for them to learn and to behave in the financial market.

All the while they have been thinking that they are the most powerful economic in the world and nothing can bring them down not even a war.

But thing already happens to their country and I believe they will learn and behave with economic power attitude...

Now the World Financial System were printing a lot of money to make a very huge recovery and I can say this is a MONEY TSUNAMI.

EVERY ONE IS PRINTING MONEY. IN US, EUROPE, ASIA to help the world financial intruments.