Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bursa Malaysian Exchange To Move Upwards ?

Yesterday performance was tremendous. The KL Composite Index went up +19.49 points to close at 854.66 points. After a few days of sell down, finally the KL Composite Index move accordingly towards the world share market movement.

I was so surprised with the world share market performance especially the Hang Seng Index. The HSI is seems to be keep on continuing its trends and moving upwards to break its hurdle and obstacles.

Whether yesterday movement can be consider a technical rebound or a trend reversal, we still need to monitor it closely. From the chart indicator and trend, it was likely the KL Composite Index is going for short term trend reversal. Maybe an early Chinese New Year rally has already emerged ?

No matter how the share market will react these few days, world financial market appears to be in stabilize situation. Lately interest rate cut by few central bank around the region did help out the confident level around the globe.

Will the Malaysia share market keeps on continuing with its current trend ? I would prefer the Bursa Malaysia share market to build up its base first before any significant move was made.

Currently the share prices in Bursa Malaysia Exchange looks very cheap. Anything can happen in these few days. I would like to accumulate some of these shares but my confident level is not that high. I would rather monitor for few days more in order to build up the confident level. My article here is just my own opinion and cannot be assume as an indicator to buy or to sell any of these shares.

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