Friday, April 2, 2010

Second And Thrid Liners Still Mostly Quiet ?

Was it an April Fool's Day or was it just 1st of April? As we can see, last week the share market performance show more promising movement but all the sudden after the announcement by our Malaysia Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak on New Economic Model (NEM), the Malaysian share market (second and third liners counters) lost its momentum.

Indeed this is quite a hard equity market to play along unless some of us have the capabilities to play with the blue chips counter. No doubt we still have quite a number of counters to play along but still it is not enough to prove that the share market was an easy equity market to create some income.

Choosing the right counters would be the key advantages for those who look for better trade but yesterday trading saw that UEMLAND has some potential to bring up the whole market. I was wondering whether UEMLAND has the ability to lead the market as their Ex-rights shares will be coming out very soon. It is quite important to watch this counter in these few days as we use to know that UEMLAND has the historical record to become the Market Leader for the Malaysian equity market.

Right now our share market still have some potential or more rooms to move on but it is very important that we don't miss out this opportunity. Maybe some of us are still struggling to make some profit but some would have lose during this time but the most important message we need to bear in mind ......

Sometimes We Must Lose A Few Battles In Order To Win The WAR.


prema said...

you are wrong. my 1st counter gtronic go up alot. didn't think so easy make money in stock market, otherwise i start play share market earlier.

Jackie Lee said...

You have to be careful. Yes ... you are making money in Gtronic. Maybe you will win a few counters but you cannot afford to lose one counters.

Just take care your profolio .... Basically my statement were based on overall counters not individual counter.

prema said...

my 2nd counter today i buy cscsteel. recommended by my remisier. and it go up after i bought. happy happy me.

prema said...

my counter gtronic & cscsteel all good good. i buy more today.
last time i thought very hard play share market, now i see it easy to play and make money. maybe i should quit my job just play share market full time. be own boss.

Anonymous said...

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