Friday, April 16, 2010

Malaysian Shares Performance Showing More Weaknesses

Well as we can see, our share market reaction towards the Dow Jones Industrial Average didn't match at all. The DJIA is climbing but our share market was supported by the blue chips but most of the second, third liners are moving side way and some even move down a bit.

What really happen in our share market? Do we need something special in order to push our share market move? ...... Any new announcement on New Economic Policy? Simple ..... we don't need to have this kind of things.

All you need to have is an ability to choose the right counters. Based on the overall market performance, we still have some spaces to make some earnings but judging from the current share market momentum, it is quite hard to make some solid decision either to go in during a correction happen?

Right at these moments, the atmosphere around our share market was not as bullish as we thought as there was no volume builds up, no leaders emerge or any exciting news emerges? The strategy now is to choose the right counters. I have been monitoring the whole share market performance for these few days but I couldn't find that kind of exciting moment and feel .........

The conclusion on our Malaysian share market performance right now, hold on some blue chips counters, searching for the counters that can move - rotational play and for the third liners ..... don't even think about it unless they are solid counters.

Some people even said that I'm pessimist but my comment towards the Malaysian share market was based on overall performance but not on any individual counter. I'm not against on anyone given me this kind of comments, it was a healthier comments and I will take it as a complimentary to sharpen my analysis and outlook for our local share market.

Anyway as I used to say that we must always be a Trend Follower not a Trend Predictor.


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