Friday, April 9, 2010

The Bandwagon Still Riding To The Top?

Another week has pass, the whole share market performance looks quite good with some of the counters started to move and take turn to go up. Yesterday our Malaysian share market was experiencing some profit taking activities after the share market has gone up for few days.

Whether it is an opportunity to buy at the lower prices or to accumulate and sell it at a higher price; its poise another question whether how long our Malaysian share market still can last long? Looking at the current momentum, we still have more rooms to move on but a pre-cautious measure needs to implement in order to safe guard our investment.

I'm not going to predict or forecast where our share market is heading to? All I need to do right now is to be a Trend Follower but not a trend predictor. Right at these moments the bandwagon is heading to the north and I'm going to ride it along until there is a signal that this bandwagon is going to stop (1,300 Points - Main Support)

We are entering in the month of April and we are getting nearer towards 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. Another 2 more month (62 days) before the world most prestige's class of football start. In the share market history usually before and during the FIFA World Cup start, the whole world equities market will have a slow momentum and lack of interest. Some might even go down during that time and it will be a quite market.

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prema said...

i still hold my precious 2 counters gtronic & cscsteel. i find it so easy to make money in stock market, regret i didnt start play shares earlier.