Monday, March 29, 2010

Some Trading Opportunity Ahead ? FBM-KLCI Must Stay Above 1,300 Points.

Since last Wednesday, our Malaysian share market performance has moving quite well with most of the second liners and the third liners are showing more interest. If we take a look and examine the turnover done, it seems we have a healthier sign.

Maybe it is the right time to go in to look for any opportunity appears. Last Friday we also seeing some few market leaders emerged. Well it appears that our share market have more interest compared from the last two weeks performance.

Dow Jones Industrial Average is doing quite well and indeed their performance also did help the overall world equities market performance. Based on these few day performance, the possibilities to generate and to create more wealth shouldn't pose any obstacles provided that the FBM-KLCI didn't break 1,300 points level. This level should pose as guidance for us to do some trading opportunities.

Choosing a right and a perfect counter still play an important role in order to determine whether we can maximize the opportunity. As we can see, there are few hundred counters listed and not every one of them will move. A careful approach need to be implemented as we don't know how well the Malaysian share market will fare this week as the share market momentum just only starting to pick up.


prema said...

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prema said...

my shares gtronics drop today. tomorrow hope it go back up.

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prema said...

can you post article on gtronic. today it go up.