Thursday, April 22, 2010

FBMKLCI - Trade With Careful Approach ?

Another week has gone, yet the overall Malaysian share market performance still not really encouraging enough. The market is getting weaker and weaker. No doubt there were some electronic counters which are moving along with the current trend but it didn't means that these counters will represent the current performance or the momentum of the whole market.

I was watching the share market movement during my holiday trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand and I found out that pouring our money during this period would not be consider as a wiser move as the current share market movement that we are experiencing right now didn't have this kind of atmosphere to indicate that the market is on the way of moving up.

Well we will have to be careful as there are so many counters started to show more weakening signal. Although some of them move even quite low, it didn't means that it was an opportunity to buy or to shows that the market has gone? Choosing a right counter would the best strategies to adopt right now as we can see there is still more rooms to play with but with so few counters to choose from? All in all the share market performance will still depends on how the Dow Jones Industrial Average will behave these few days.

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