Wednesday, April 28, 2010

May Month To Sell ? Just Watch How The World Equities Performance.

Frankly looking at yesterday share market performance and overall closing prices, I would presume that the Malaysian share market especially the second and the third liners are gone. Are we really sure that they are really gone? I'm not trying to be in a negative position but seeing the overall movement, we ought to be negative a bit in order to protect ourselves.

Looking at the FBM-KLCI, our index still staying in a comfortable zone but looking at most of the share prices for most of the counters, they seem to be not doing well at all. Was it our share market is heading for correction or just a profit taking? Quite a though question but opportunities still exist with limited counters to choose from.

For the last two weeks, I have been unloading most of my holding that I have purchased since last month. Just want to be cautious with my current position before we entering in the month of May.

World equities market especially the Shanghai Stock Exchange has shows more weakness sign and their trend didn't really follow the trend of the Dow Jones Industrial Average performance. Even in our Malaysian share market also face the same scenario, standing near between 1,320 points to 1,340 points and not moving anywhere.

At these moments, I would still look for opportunities but I would be extra careful not to fall in a Big Bull Trap as this trap might be a big one? For record purposes - always when the share market enter in the month of May, most of time the share market would move to the south poles. Can this thing happen in the first place, that the share market is going down? Who knows, we would never really know what is going to happen next when we wake up in the morning.

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