Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Bears Are Waiting At The Back Stage .... Waiting To Appear ?

Yesterday Bearish signal cancel after the index managed to climb event higher. The Bulls are still in charge and were riding together with some of the blue chips, third liners, a bit of Second Board counters and the most important, the Mesdaq counters also moving. Is the correction is just around the corner ? Most of the cheap shares were moving. People are keep on buying as they don't want to lose or miss out this opportunity to ride on the strong Bulls.

Based on my analysis, I will stay away from the share market for a while as the bulls is quite fears. This morning I will still playing around with my favorite share but maybe for day trade or we call it contra. The Bears are hovering at the back of the stage and waiting for the right time to strike any moment. Maybe sometime around next week.

I will still stick to my decision about my finding on what will happen to the KL Composite Index next week as I don't want to be get caught by this bullish run. There will be a RED light that will signal the Bulls to stop. Trading at these moments are just like gambling your profit money. You will be surprised if all the sudden the Bears come out of no where.

This morning the share market will try to digest some of the bad news from Ramunia listing. It is a good news when someone is taking over the company but it is a bad news when sometime the price that they offer was too low and they were offering it at unreasonable price. Basically the expectation listing price for Ramunia will be down (read HERE).

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