Friday, May 15, 2009

KL Composite Index Corrections Set In. How Long The Corrections ?

Yesterday for the first time our Malaysia share market really show the bearish sign of going down with the index close lower in tandem with the Dow Jones Industrial Average performance. Usually the KL Composite Index will show some early sign that the share market is going to move down when the whole share market especially the third liners, penny shares, the Second Board shares and the Mesdaq shares are moving in the final phase.

Whether we can argue about this statement that the share market is going to move down, we will see for the next few days. Current trend is telling us that the share market is preparing their way for corrections. To know how long the correction would be, it depends whether this correction will be a huge one or not ?

It also will depend on how the world equity market performance with the Dow Jones Industrial Average acting as BIG BOSS. If the KL Composite Index experiencing huge fall then the correction will be over very fast but if the correction move slowly towards south then it will take some time. Just have to wait when time has arrive to determine when the correction will be over ? Or there is no correction at all ?????????? We just have to guest ........ My suggestions : wait for some solid indicators before any decision can be made.

Dow Jones Industrial Average has been moving for almost two months. It would not be surprised if the DJIA is going for a correction at this moment. For almost two month's up cycle movement, a one day correction is not enough to settle the whole matters. We must monitor their movement everyday to determine whether they are really going for correction ?

Maybe they need few more days to correct themselves in order to have a stronger movement or maybe they have just ended their up cycle movement because usually May was a month to sell before the investors or the fund managers go for long holiday in June and July. SUMMER TIME.


alexlee said...

Seller has start to dominate the market now. 1st support level will be at 980 or 990. Market is long over due for correction or consolidation.

Jackie Lee said...

Short another futures at 1013.00.

Expexting the share market to break the 1,000 points.