Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We Have One More Week To Plays In KL Composite Index ?

On Sunday night, I have found a huge discovery on the possibility movement of the KL Composite Index. At this moment I’m not going to post any of the discoveries as it will jeopardize the players thinking and strategies on their involvement in the share market right now.

It is just that I think I may have found roughly where the KL Composite would be heading to. As to my expectation form yesterday movement, the KL Composite Index rally from the beginning of the bell and close at its high. The index went up +18.62 point to close higher at 1,009.36 points.

Based on my calculation, this week the share market will move very high and based on the reading that I have, the KL Composite will likely reach at around 1,025.00 to about 1,045 points. Basically this trend will not last long.

Maybe next week we might be seeing some profit taking with the share market start to crash. I don’t how true my reading is but I will show a little bit (see the picture on your right) what would really happen if this finding do take place before I post a clearer picture of it.

I don’t to be negative because yesterday I’m buying quite lots but the reading telling me that we have a week to play before the share market will correct it self or maybe I would to say it is “A CRASH ”. I would like to be a trend follower and not a trend predictor. But sometimes we need to be careful what will happen next ?

At these moments, I couldn’t think of what will be the news that is going to bring the share market down or maybe the share market is just going for a very big correction or the "Stress Tests" reports ? Indicators from the world equity market just started to make some recovery after recently going for a correction and it is heading all the way up. With their indexes recently break through their resistance level, the world equity market are riding on a strong bulls with them.

With the world equity markets so strong, all I could say now is, we just need to follow and ride on the bandwagon until they stop and then get out from the bandwagon when the bandwagon start to ride all the way down from the moutain.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie, just curious with your new found way to determine the counters, so what portfolio you have now from your buying yesterday? Mind to share? Thx.

Jackie Lee said...

Basically my buying is based on speculation only and it did not purely show that the counters that I have brought will go up.


My target for all this counter - Contra

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sharing jackie!

Blogger said...

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