Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Was It The Right Time To Accumulate Now ?

KL Composite Index today went down a little bit only but most of the blue chips shares still posted some losses. Today the KL Composite Index was down -2.97 points to close at 855.25 points. Whether now is the right time to accumulate some of these shares, it is still too early to tell.

According to the calculation, timing and based on the previous chart (1997 Asian Financial Crisis) our market might be moving towards around 550 points to 600 points. That will only happen if the world financial crisis still prolong with the Dow Jones Industrial Average might be eyeing or reaching the 4,500 points (+,- 500 points) level in the early third quarters.

If we want to wait and accumulate some of these share, it would be advisable to wait and start accumulating by end of this second quarters. This is just a calculation and a projection based on many incoming data, charts and some of the analysis based on previous bear market.

I would like to share it with most of my readers when will be the right time but I'm just only a human being, trying to find the exact moments or we call it "The Right Timing". Timing is very important to determine whether we can create little wealth or huge wealth from Bursa Malaysia Exchange or maybe a huge hole in front of us. I might be wrong but based on the current reading (charts timing), I might be correct in the first place. Who knows ? All we need to do now is, we just have to wait when the time has arrive.

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