Friday, March 13, 2009

Very Cheap. Any Technical Rebounds ?

Well to be frank, after I look at the prices for yesterday closing, I was so tempting to buy some of these shares and hope for a rebound. But I can't because I couldn't find the bottom yet. Certain counters like Zelan Berhad which has fallen for so many days is due for a technical rebounds.

There are so many counters that I would like to buy. It is just like you went for a shopping in a Sunday market. Some of the goods were sold at their cheapest price.

But if I want to believe that the KL Composite Index have the potential to breaks the 800 points level then I should hold on, even if the share prices look very cheap.

I think I need to apply a cream onto my head. A cream call "PATIENTS" or else I will buy for a rebound. This time around if there is any technical rebound occur, it might be a small one. Maybe for day traders will be suitable. My few article way back in January and February already mention that the KL Composite Index have the potential to move towards the south pole, so I must believe my projection but sometimes they can go wrong also.


Anonymous said...

Can I know what are your prefer stock options? I bought the KNM stocks at RM0.47 p/s and now it is in donkey you think it's still worth to buy or the company is going to be N17 or bankrupt very soon?

Jackie Lee said...

No one know whether this company KNM is going for PN17 or bankrupt. It is just that the share market is going down so the share prices will follow. Nothing to do with any rumours.

There is nothing related whether the company is doing good or bad. Once the KL Composite down... the share prices will go down.

You can average up but not now because the share market still have potential to move down.

Who know may be KNM might reach RM 0.25 per share in three to four months time. Its just that you have to wait the for the right time to accumulate.

Thank you......

Anonymous said...

Thanks bro. Good comment. I just read the article from Business Times Malaysia about this:

"KNM Group Bhd managing director Lee Swee Eng said he will consider leading a management buyout of the Malaysian oil and gas services provider as long as banks can raise the funds."

Do you think it will happen? What comment do you have about this?

Jackie Lee said...

At the moment, it is quite hard to obtain any loans from the bank especially if they are looking for management buyout.

With KNM Group Managaing Director confirm that their share prices is undervalue, I think it's already give us a very good view that KNM is not bad as rumours have spread.

KNM Group will rebound but it will based on how the world financial markets are doing. It depends how the KL Composite reaction.

To buy and keep it for share prices to reach above RM 0.50 in near terms shouldn't be a problem. As to my believe, once the recovery was there the share prices will sky high in a very fast phase.

For me I will wait and monitor until the second quarter. This is my opinion and cannot be taken as it will happens.

Current charts still not yet turn up and we still needs to monitor closely. For long term investment, this is a good buy.

Anonymous said...

Good thought~ Same mind here~ =)

CP said...

Hi Jackie,

I m looking at KNM too, it has moved up from 0.32 to 0.36 at the moment due to MBO news. But, I think the risk is too high foe me to stomach la.

ESOS at 0.25 level. KLCI at 840 level ... will you accumulate at 0.25 level, then? I m considering it but I m not so positive.

Hear from you. I do like your blog. hehe. Mine like an empty vessel making noise. I will change it. hmm ...


Jackie Lee said...

To CP Teh....

Whether the share price of KNM is RM 0.30 or RM 0.25. Any prices also worth to accumulate. Very cheap. It is just whether we can hold for quite some time.

The thing is now we are trying to search for better price or a bottom and once the major rebound occur, I think the price will shoot up to RM 1.00.

You have a very interesting blog. Keep on continuing writing what's on your thought. When you write everyday you will sure enhance yourself definately about the share market.