Monday, March 30, 2009

Technical Rebound Or Trend Reversal ? Share Market Bottom Out ?

We all know lately the current world equities market have made a sharp turn from their bottom created in early month of March. Many analysts mention that our market has already bottom out. Is it true that our share market already bottom out? I was wondering whether last week major movement was a real trend reversal ?

Certain thing we need to remind that current financial crisis just only about half way. No doubt the world share market have gone up quite significantly, one thing for sure I would like to share my opinion about current movement.

First we talk about Dow Jones Industrial Average. Few days ago I did discuss and mention about the outlook for Wall Street's. Few analysts have mention that the Dow Jones have bottom out and will be heading to 9,000 to 11,000 points in 5 to 8 months time (we call it Major Wave B).

After completed their movement, the DJIA will again heading towards or the most destructive wave towards 4,000 to 5,000 points (we call it Major wave C, that will be sometime around in the year of 2010).

Another term that we need to discuss is the possibilities of another calculation that might happen to DJIA. Based on the chart, the possibilities of the DJIA is staging or creating a technical rebound (Major Wave A, wave 5, minor wave (i) to (ii)) before moving down again to minor wave (iii) ? Based on this calculation, it might or it might not happen at all will be base on the current financial crisis ?

UMNO general assembly has already finished and indeed it's created lot of surprising outcome like the new UMNO Youth Chief - Khairy Jamaluddin. When his name was announced on that night, the next morning Equine Capital move up to reach RM 0.40 per share. About 30 % move from RM 0.30 per share. What a wonderful stock.

I will be watching this few weeks where our share market will be heading to? Hope for the best to happen. Right now some analysts mention that this would be the right time to accumulate as the share market is entering into a profit taking activities. At this moment I'm still referring the KL Composite Index charts to determine where it heading to ?

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