Monday, March 2, 2009

KL Composite Index Might Perform Bad In March ?

Last week our Malaysian share market especially the KL Composite Index ended the week with small losses. With the current index still holding well above at this level at 890 points and with the current market momentum shown more weaknesses rather than strength, we might be expecting some selling activity this coming weeks.

Technically our market behaves abnormal. It is just when we board a boat through the half way into the ocean and all the sudden the boat start to sink and we have no choice but to jump into the deep ocean and struggling to survive by floating our self until when we lose our strength to keep on floating. By the time when we exhausted, we will be drown and there will be no turning back for us to keep us alive.

This is what really going to happen to our KL Composite Index. Many of us are still trying to make some income by going for a day trade. Some of us might be lucky to win some but unfortunately some will also lose so much. This is a reality when we go for day trading during this kind of dull market.

Mathematically using a calculation there are more chances for us to lose more rather than to gains a significant substantial amount. We might be able to win a little but we cannot patch a big hole in front of us. When the big hole cannot be cover, we lose a trading opportunity lying ahead on us.

At this moment “PATIENTS” would be the key word in order for us to trade like a winner. Trading in the share market is not about you must trade every day or every weeks. It is all about an opportunity to know how to strike (BUY) and let the ball rolling until it stop at one stage (SELL). That is the main key point on how to trade and win. It is easy to say but it is not easy to follow.

There is another important element as we always mention when we trade in the share market is “TIMING” . In this kind of market I would rather stay sidelines. Now is not the right time to invest or neither the right time to go for a short term play.

Now what ever we are facing now is only just a half-way journey and we still have a long journey to determine where and when the real bottom is going to hit us.

Malayan Banking Bhd plans to raise about RM6 billion from a renounceable rights issue on the basis of nine rights shares for every 20 shares held as part of its ongoing strategic transformation plan. Would Malayan Banking going to bring down the KL Composite Index this week ..... ??? We need to monitor their movement this week but in facts this is one of the bad news for the Malaysian share market. With the market condition so bad, now they are trying to rob the public money..... Arrrrgggggg .......

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