Monday, January 12, 2009

World Share Market In Consolidation Move ?

Base on the chart if we check the world stock market performance, its looks like they are moving a bit negatively. This week will be the best week to monitor if the current world stock markets still have any hope to advance. But I'm doubt about it.

Still need to monitor closely before any suggestion being made. Nikkei 225 already touches the critical point but we cannot determine that the Nikkei 225 market has gone or finish. We need to monitor at least for a week before we can get a conclusion on that matter.

Malaysia share market still in a comfortable level compare to other financial market. Last week I did mention that the share market will react differently if they ignore what really happen in U.S financial market.

This morning not every counter is moving but at least we have some leaders to make sure that the share market is still stay on course. (i.e E&O Property).

I would like to make a suggestion that this week would be the final week for me to be cautious because the indicator for the world financial market is not really good at all. Any new positions (buying) in the share market will be treat as a battle of survival within profit and loss. Just stay cautious.

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