Monday, January 5, 2009

KNM Group Berhad Facing Insider Problems ?

When I was reading a few article posted by some of the share market bloggers I have found out a few special article written by Mr Dali (Malaysian-Finance Blogspot) about KNM Group Berhad. Someone from outside is referring something fishy is going on inside KNM Group Berhad. They even mention that better not to buy any of this KNM Group Berhad counter's because someone told them not to do so.

It started when Dali in his article Portfolios According To Outlook For 2009 (December 30, 2008) recommended KNM Group was in his shopping list (stock picks) for 2009. Someone by the name of Wang left a message to Dali.

Here was his comments - it seems dali has no idea what is happening to KNM.. I wonder why he still recommends this counter among his top picks... You know what they say? share price never lies... dali, quickly retract ur call before its too late... hahaha... anyway, its a typical fund manager's blind favorite...sigh... check KNM account please... a fraud is brewing... dali...

Dali Responded to Wang on January 1, 2009.

Wang, if there is something you like to share, please do, but do not make statements without any elaboration. If there is a fraud brewing, please at least hint what it is all about. I could say that your mother is not a woman, and stop at that. That would surely piss you off, but if I offer some proof or logical deduction, you may thank me for it.

Right now, I cannot thank you but feel a bit pissed off. Hope you understand, looking forward to your elaboration or deduction.

Life is not always one smart person and the rest are idiots, so don't try to make yourself out as the one smart person. If someone wants to rip us off, we can only guard ourselves with publicly available information.

We cannot be going around to their rigs and check that they are actually drilling, or pore through the books and confirm with their auditors, rig managers, technology officer, etc... that they are doing their job.

Your comment about fund managers being typical idiots is also uncalled for, unless you justify or elaborate why buying this stock makes them a typical idiot fund manger. I will write about why I like KNM a bit later. Look forward to hearing from you.

Please read further on this article What's Shaking KNM (January 02, 2009) by Dali. This is to understand further more on KNM future. To be continue ..............


malaysiabegini said...

Don't simply talk if you don't understand the company! You are destroying the working people in KNM. I think you better look at those counters which nealy go bankrupt still selling at high price. KNM greatness to acquire foreign business should be applauded as Malaysian success company. This is typical sour grape of Malaysian People.

dragonfly2211 said...

before doing such a statement like this, anybody should please do a neccessary data collection & serious case study. Look at what had happen since this accused had been made since January 2009.
Now is already mid October 2009 & stocks for KNM is very stabilised.
Someone might be a fool to believe but definately not BURSA MALAYSIA, Investment Bankers,the auditors for such a stupid default which still not to be unveiled since January.

Please think before justify.

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Bhoomi Desai said...

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