Friday, January 9, 2009

E&O Property. The Evening Market Leader.

Well done today. The Malaysian share market closed higher. Went up +8.55 points to close at 919.07 points. Although the volume created is not much but for a few speculative counters to move and leads the markets were enough to build more confidents towards the market.

E&O has become the evening market leader. Went up RM 0.125 per share and closed at RM 0.69 per share. Well it breaks its recently high. Still looking forward to reach RM 0.80 per share. This huge move really helps the share market to move higher follow by UemLand and KNM.

Ranhill also help a little bit. If we watch closely, mostly the share price increases have something to do with Property and Contructions sectors. I would prefer the property sectors as most of them are following E&O.

What will happen to our share market next week ? Basically it will based on how the Dow Jones Industrial Average performance tonight. But if we want to examine the movement of today Malaysia share market performance I would rather call next week will be a better week to looks at. It will be an interesting market with some outstanding performance by some of the shares.


CP said...

Jackie, I m not so sure about property and construction stocks as I hv not been monitoring them closely. Lately, E&O, Ranhill were in play. I m very cautios about their movements and want to believe that these speculative counters being manipulated.

So, Tebrau, MRCB, Equine too in this category. I m still holding back NOT too be involved. I m a learner. Do you think there will be still upward trend for these counters?

MRCB is my choice among them as it is steady and many gov-linked funds buying into it.

Hear from you.



Jackie Lee said...

Frankly I just don't want to give people any advice because you will not always be correct all the time.

My analysis is base on the percentage of the charts is moving up but of course the Wall Street still an important part to determine the course of the market unless our share market behave differently and go against it.

Holding back NOT too be involved is already call a winner but sometimes we might feel distress if the share prices go up again.

At this moment we call it a war with the market. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose.

My advice don't involve if you feel that you don't have any confident right at these moments.

It is quite dangerous out there with the situation in DJIA still fragile.Whether there is still upwards or not, it will base on world financial market and indicators readings.

At the moment it is still ok. Remember look at Dow Jones.

CP said...

Well, it is a share of opinions, not advices. So, thanks for sharing. These counters may not following the flow of the market trend if they are being manipulated. Yes, i agreed that if we are not confident about any stocks, we should not touch.

MRCB will be in play if there is an election-rally next month. DOW downed 200+ as more BAD data is out.

Good Luck and Take Care.


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