Friday, January 16, 2009

Property Counters Behave Like Big Boss.

This is something very new for us. It seems that it have several times where by when the world share market experiencing a fall the third liners counters would trying hard to go against it (move up). Either we can call it a Chinese New Year rally or a January Effect that really didn't bring any huge changes to the Malaysia share market.

Base on the individual charts, the third liners (property counters) are performing tremendously compare to the KL Composite Index. Blue Chip shares are consolidating while the second liners behaved just like a follower.

It is hardly to calculate where the KL Composite Index is heading to right now because what really happen to the index yesterday (down 16 point) and the world financial market indicators, shows that they are still in a critical level.

Either we want to make a short term or medium term investment we must at least have some confident towards the global financial market or else we might loss everything that we have invested.

No doubt there were some rotational play, putting our money inside right now would seem to be putting our money on the casino tables. Either you gains or maybe you might loss everything. What ever it is, a careful approach needs to be implement on how we are going to trade in this situation.

Right at this moment with next week would be the last week to trade before Chinese New Year, I'm still monitoring the whole financial news and the market before any decision can be make.


Kris said...

As usual, the syndicates starts to goreng up the "cheap" stocks so that the retailers will get caught.

Angpow for the syndicates.

CP said...

Yes,agreed with Kris. UEM goreng-ed today. The trades are unreal.

retailers should learn from the lessons.


alexlee said...

That why stocks market is so interesting. Second liner stocks are take turn to "goreng", after the Blue chip already "siap masak".
Some people are negative and some are not. That gives us opportunity to trade anytime. This is called stocks market~~

CP said...

yes alex, i agreed. an opportunity to trade but make sure we are not caught like many when the players pull-out.


Jackie Lee said...

I agreed with Kris and AlexLee

Must have syndicates then only our market will move......