Monday, January 19, 2009

Malaysian Share Market Stay At Negatif Bias.

Today turnover is quite low with nothing to look forward. Most of the shares were down. Basically based on previous Chinese New Year, one week before Chinese New Year arrive, the share market reaction usually behaves quietly or we can call it as a consolidation move.

KL Composite Index today was down -6.19 points to close at 890.28 points. Base on the chart reading, it is still not a good sign. As being recommended last week; stay at the sidelines would be a wise choice and decision in order to determine how the global financial market will behave during this few days.

Tomorrow will be the day of the newly president-elect Barack Obama take on the White House. It would very interesting to watch how the Dow Jones Industrial Average will react accordingly.

A huge move up or just a side way movement only. Currently the world share market performance still indicates a very slow movement. We need to watch also after Barack Obama has officially enter the White House, how the DJIA will react ?

Right at this moment there isn't any fantastic news to support the global financial system. What we can hear everyday is just lots of retrenchment workers from the big firm and big company. It seems that things are getting worst and worst.

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