Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We Have Some Volume ... Bad Performance From The Share Market ?

Still the same old day ....... No doubt the volume has increased more than 1 billion turnover per day, still we can see the share market movement not much different with certain counters only moving.

FBM-KLCI is creating new high each day but most of the counters performance still like ...... what should we call ..... like sh*t only.

Frankly we can say that this is not a very good market to play along. It seems that the share market is waiting for something to happen. Either they are waiting for some Market Leaders to emerge or they are waiting for something bad to happen in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Looking at the latest chart of Dow Jones Industrial Average, it seems that the Dow still have some potential to move on as the DJIA has cross above the 10,000 points level. This level is quite important as it will act as a supporting level. If the DJIA manage to stay at this level for few days ( +,- 200 points) then it will have the strength to move higher. Right now they still didn't post any risk yet. But remember the DJIA has moved since March 2009 until now and I would consider quite dangerous also. Just beware and be careful in each of our trade.

This early morning I will be travelling to Chiang Mai, Thailand and will be back by next week Tuesday. I will keep on monitoring the movement from there and will post some article if there is a need to do so.


Carlos JĂșlio said...

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