Sunday, October 4, 2009

October Month Usually Bad Month For The Dow Jones ?

Two October trading days past by and the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) perform negatively. As most of us knew that the Dow Jones usually performs very badly during the month of October every year. On the 1st of October the DJIA for the first time went down more than -200 points since July this year.

Was it a bad sign or a starting point of a turn around (trend reversal) for the DJIA? Judging from last year performance until now, the DJIA seems to be running for a rest after being running up for quite sometimes (March 2009 until September 2009). Hence we must be well alert on this matter. October month is usually an unstable month for the DJIA.

Checking on the FBM-KLCI movement suggest that the index still staying at the positive zone. Although the Dow Jones down more than -200 points on Thursday, our index still behaved quite positively. Many of our readers or traders knew that the FBM-KLCI seems to be control by the governments' link funds. I will not call that our FBM-KLCI look negatively as the index still stays above the 1,200 points level.

But looking at most of the speculation counters; I would rather say that they look a bit ugly. Either they are waiting for the Time Bomb to be exploded or they are waiting for the perfect time to climb even higher. My suggestions - I will choose to say out unless there is some great news coming out.


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