Monday, October 19, 2009

FBM-KLCI Higher With Volume Increase ?

Looking at the charts and couple with the total volume done in FBM-KLCI, we might have a small rally coming in. It seems that there isn't any bad news that is going to take down the current Bulls Market.

We still can play along with the sentiment but choosing a right counter would be consider as the best bet in this market because the share market has been moving quite long already and they might be heading for correction in near term?

Looking at the current sentiment, who will going to be our market leader ? Right now it seems that UemLand has the potential to become our market leader.

However based on the world equities market charts, we still have to be careful because many of them seems a bit tired trying to move higher and higher. No doubt the volume in Malaysia share market has increased, a careful approach need to be implement in order to safeguard our profit margin.

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