Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Market Looks Better But Counters Didn't Perform ...

The Malaysian share market performance right now looks quite stable with the ability to move higher each day. Overall market seems still not really promising yet with no big volume and turnover to support this share market. Only certain counters are moving. As we can see, in the past few days, some of the counters move higher because of technical rebound after slowly going doing down for two weeks.

The abilities to hold and wait would be the main key to win in this market. A check on the whole share market counters and charts suggested that most of the counters are moving side way with a small gap movement.

I was wondering whether it would be the right time to accumulate but after considering that the FBM-KLCI has been moving since March 2009, I need to change my strategies of playing. Just choose certain counters or some of our favorite counters that have some potential to move on. By the way if we take a closer look the share market now is experiencing a rotational play.

Half month already passed in the month of October and the Dow Jones Industrial Average still performing like BULLS run. The October effect seems didn't occur at all. Any how the world equities market performance still consider quite safe.

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