Monday, August 10, 2009

Though Time For Speculation Counters ?

Last Friday the overall Malaysia share market performance reacted quite negatively but the Dow Jones Industrial Average perform very well. Frankly I have no idea why all the sudden the speculation counters close lovely on Thursday but on Friday evening the share prices (speculation counters) close so badly.

Sometimes when we brought and pick up the shares waiting for it move up but all the sudden the share market performance was so bad even we have a bit scared. Although the DJIA close so lovely but sometimes our share market performance did not react positively.

My suggestion on Thursday that most of the speculation counters shown more chances heading to the north but I was wrong. It is not an easy market to play or to invest in this share market unless we really want to go for medium term. But looking at FBM-KLCI staying at 1,184.88 points, I would rather call off my medium term investment.

Will there be any hope for the current share market to move on higher? I would rather say that most of the blue chips counters and certain counters still have more rooms to move on but for the speculations counters I would rather not to comment whether they can go up or go down. They seem to be moving sideway. We can call it "Range Trading". Buy at their low and sell at their high. That is how their current movement right now.

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