Monday, August 17, 2009

Pull Out From The FBM-KLCI ?

Like it or not, it seems that more and more counters are performing badly and some even appear to have some selling indicator. Should we pull out from the market at these moments?

Based on the chart indicator, right at these moments we should be well alert whether this share market still has potential to move on as we can see there are so many counters that have been trying to push higher especially the speculation counter for the past one week but they were unable to penetrate their resistance.

It appears that current movement in FBM-KLCI have more potential to move down rather than going up as the Asian equity markets are showing more sign of profit taking or correction. Our former leading market leader - KNM Group Berhad, seems to be going down bit by bit and even created new low. Bad sign.

What we can see from here is; it is not worth it to pump in more funds or money inside the Malaysian share market. Current market sentiment has started to show more bearish sign and it is quite dangerous if we are not careful enough. Cut loss would be the last option that we need to use if there is anything bad really happen.

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