Tuesday, August 11, 2009

FBM-KLCI Still Week ?

Current share market performance can be considered quite ok. The blue chip shares are not moving anywhere right now. They seem to be consolidating at these moments. Quite a number of counter still moving and creating new high.

Most of the famous speculation counters still not moving anywhere. I'm still thinking whether the speculation counters will end just like that after this uptrend has finish its story. Until now I still can't find the answer why most of the speculation counters is not moving at all. Maybe this is the last uptrend wave and it is quite tricky.

Last Friday I did post a chart stated the FBM-KLCI is posing a round pattern. I hope that it will not happen because it will drag quite sometimes and for long. Please refer HERE for last week article. The world equities market performance currently especially in the Asian region are taking a pause and consolidating. Well maybe the FBM-KLCI is doing the same thing, following the region performance.

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