Friday, August 14, 2009

FBM-KLCI Selling Signal ?

Seeing the share market performance yesterday they move quite nice but when we really put our money inside, on the next day the share market performance behave negatively. It has been happen quite some weeks already. It is not an easy market for contra player.

For those who really can pick up the share, they tend to win in the end. Looking at the market sentiment right now, we still can consider that the Malaysian share market still can perform but we need to be careful because some counters didn't perform quite well. Some even went to create new low (KNM).

One more thing I need to address to most of the market player. I don't know how far our Malaysia equity can perform but based on the chart indicator reading, we need to be well alert. Some selling signal emerged. But sometimes we cannot take this as an indicator to determine that the share market is gone. We just need to be pre-cautious. Form my point of view it is not worth it to pump in more money inside this market.


free said...

I think this is a daily chart. Doesn't look good. But what do you think of the weekly chart?

Jackie Lee said...

Still maintain ...... but it is too early to tell. Need to watch until end of this week on how the FBM-KLCI perform.

But I think it will not be good.