Monday, July 6, 2009

KL Composite Index Going Up or Down ?

I'm quite busy these few days as I was renovating my room. I have less access in Internet as I can't access it from my room. I'm renovating it not because I want it to but it is because all the sudden my room tiles crack up. So I have no choice but to keep my self busy handling the whole room, dismantle all my furniture and move it to the living hall.

Back to the share market. The KL Composite Index still standing tall but how long they will going to stand like that? Will the index going to go up or go down? Last week the share market sentiment was not good at all with UemLand Berhad leading the way to the sell down on overall market. No doubt that on last Friday the share market was rebounded, still we cannot take it as an opportunity to go for medium terms.

As we can see we still need to respect the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Last week the DJIA was experiencing a huge sell off on Thursday before the share market close on Friday. At the moment the DJIA look more fragile compare to the Asian equity market. We need to determine where the DJIA is heading to before any decision can be made. The bulls are still resting while the bears are keep on charging towards the bulls.


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