Tuesday, July 21, 2009


How far this formation is going to happen. If this formation do take place, then we will have very big chances that the Dow Jones Industrial Average can reach the 10,000 points.

Can we count this chart is an Inverted Head And Shoulders ? Here are some of the article that we can refering to. It is quite important to study it deeply before we can call it an Inverted Head And Shoulders.

If this formation does take place then we will have a real trend reversal. Please refer the article of Head and Shoulders HERE.

The Inverted Head and Shoulders Pattern.

The Inverted Head and Shoulders is typically seen in downtrends. (What's noteworthy about the Inverted Head and Shoulders is the volume aspect. The inverted left shoulder should be accompanied by an increase in volume.

The inverted head should be made on lighter volume. The rally from the head however, should show greater volume than the rally from the left shoulder. Ultimately, the inverted right shoulder should register the lightest volume of all. When the market then rallies through the neckline, a big increase in volume should be seen.)

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