Saturday, July 18, 2009

FBM-KLCI... The Best In The Region .....

Writing an article about the share market it is not something new at all. Many of them are writing it according to what they think at that time and share it among all their readers. The blogs are open all the time for anyone to read but sometimes you might feel boring if the blogs are not interesting enough.

Sometimes their articles on certain news did bring some benefit for all of us to share but some don't. Reading an article about the on going news on what is happening in the share market and trying to understand the meaning of it can be consider quite important in order for us to have enough confident whether we really can make some income.

But to certain limit some of the readers do not get it right when they read the article. They are expecting those writing the article must always predict the correct movement and where the share market is heading to? I have always surf and look into many bloggers blogs, comments and every time I will take it as an advice to make my own judgement in my trading positions.

I'm not against some of the readers but sometimes they need to understand that writing an article cannot always be perfect and accurate. BLOGSPOT is always a personal website and a blog to share what they think about at that time.

Back to the Dow Jones Industrial Average. DJIA are already out of the danger after advancing for more than 5 days. They shoot up just like the ROCKET straight to the sky. Current movement suggested that the Dow Jones have more potential to move after building it base so strongly with the help of some stronger financial results from Dow Component Shares.

FBM-KLCI is also doing very well and we can call it among the best in the region because of its ability to penetrate and create a new high. With the index still stand at new high, any profit taking activities emerge will be treat as an opportunity to accumulate in order to get a better price.

Some of my friends are saying that they are not sure whether current movement was a real Bulls or a Bull Trap ? But if we want to judge the current sentiment along with the Blue Chips counters, I think we are running into small Bull Run next week.


Anonymous said...

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alexlee said...

Be alert on this coming weeks, there may have mega event that happen out of sudden may cause stocks market in uncertain.

Jackie Lee said...

The FBM-KLCI already up for so many days together with the blue chips.

Once the blue chips stop moving, maybe the second and the third liners will come.