Wednesday, July 15, 2009

FBM-KLCI Hits With A BANG. Target for 1,150 Points ?

Wah Lahhhhhhh ...... A BIG CHEERS for FBM-KLCI. I didn't expect that in two days the FBM-KLCI managed to climb about 35 points. Today the FBM-KLCI managed to went up another +17.61 points to close at 1,097.24 points after the FBM-KLCI surged +15.97 points yesterday.

For the whole evening I was watching the momentum of the overall speculation counters. Most of the counters are flying high with an indication that the share market might be aiming to go higher at 1,150 points.

Based on the chart reading, if we take a look on the Symmetrical Triangle perform on the FBM-KLCI, the early breakout from the triangle (2/3 formation) couple with high volume done suggested that the share market have more rooms and potential to move higher.

Today was indeed quite a surprised for me because I didn't expect it to happen so fast as last Monday most the counters were at low and some even created a new low. It seems there is no indication on Monday evening market that the share market is going to move higher. All the sudden most of the counters make a huge movement yesterday and they continue to do so today.

With the FBM-KLCI breaks and create a new high today, it is likely that the most of the speculation counters even the blue chips have more room to move on. Even today our share market look quite good but we still need to respect our BIG BROTHER - the Dow Jones Industrial Average. They are still not out of danger zone yet but this week will be exciting week for DJIA as they are going to announce lots of financial results from their financial institution. Happy Trading.


Anonymous said...

i hv visit ur blog many times abt KLSE but not at one time u predict the mkt correctly..but i still visit coz i counting how many times u r wrong

Jackie Lee said...

Thanks for the comments......

You can say that I predicting the KLCI ...... but not every times they goes wrong.

Many of many articles suggested the word "IF ". This is just a personal blog and it is open for anyone to comments. I just like to share whatever I think it is good for us.

Some of the bloggers are predicting it right but they are not right all the time. Same with me.

Frankly I'm still profiting from the Malaysian Share Market but this year was not my lucky year at all. Make some but not much...

Anonymous said...

I make a lot of money from KLSE as i read ur comment i just do the opposite wht u say...sure make money...haha...keep u with u comment...

Jackie Lee said...

Keep up with your good works.

I'm just wondering why you keep on following this blog if this blog article did not help you at all.

Or maybe you have nothing to do but just keep on comments other people blog. Anyway thanks for visiting my blog. At least I can know more people.

My article is not solely based on prediction but rather running according to what is happening from time to time.

Many of my comments based from chart point of view and I'm sure that my article did help some of them.

Maybe the way you read the article differently from others.