Friday, November 14, 2008

There's Never A Bad Time To Seize Opportunity.

Yesterday someone by the name of John posted a comment about our Malaysia share market. Here was his comments : The Malaysian bourse is really a mini mouse market with little movement or gyration in stock prices that reflects the overall volatility of markets across the world. It's not easy to make a killing in a market that has little or no foreign fund participation !!

If one were to make a comparison with HK or the Singapore bourse we will even in a downturn clearly and unmistakably demonstrate there's a complete lack of interest from foreign investors. Even the lethargic Bangkok or Indonesian market provides more excitement than our local ones.

How to make money ???

No doubt if we want to make a comparison on our Malaysia bourse with other bourse in our region, Malaysia's share market still can be consider the lousiest and the worst performer.

I do agree with John on the terms that it's not easy to make a killing in a market that has little or no foreign fund participation. It happens because of our current government wrong policies stands and our current political situation.

Since the beginning of political tension in our country, many of us don't dare to put their money inside or to invest in the share market. I can consider this time we are lucky enough that we are not caught in a situation same as 1997 Asian Financial Crisis.

During that time many of the investors, traders, fund managers and investment house were caught by surprised in the middle of that financial turmoil.

This time we would like to say thanks to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and the Pakatan Rakyat party's. Because of their ambitions to form a new government, many investors, traders, fund manager and investment house were pulling out since the beginning of political crisis in Malaysia that started after general election on March 08, 2008.

When the financial meltdown strike in US and Europe during in the month of September, there are not many people involve in the share market compare to year of 1997-1998. One thing for sure no matter how hard to make a killing in Malaysia share market, there will be always an opportunity to make a killing.

See what has happen in the last two weeks when the share market went down so hard and make a come back strongly. During their come back, I misses the bandwagon. I did make some profit during the contra period but if I can hold for a few more days, I can make about 6 times from my contra amount.

Don't give up on our Malaysia share market at this moment because I believe there's never a bad time to seize opportunity, think big and it will change your life.


free2talk2me said...

Jackie Lee,

Your views and comments on Malaysian share market is very informative.But do give your views on Malaysian politics without fear or favour.Your comment potray that you are very supportive of Pakatan only when it comes to Chinese interest. But what about the other Malaysian community.We should not think on racial basis but speak for all Malysians.Anyway i appreciate your openness. I will appreciate if you read my comments on malaysian politics on : .

Jackie Lee said...


My comments didn't potray that I'm supporting Pakatan. It just that it happen during this financial turmoil.I don't care if Pakatan or Barisan administer the country. As long as the country is peaceful, that is good enough.

I'm looking forward for our country political stability but what to do, the government under Badawi cannot do anything.

If you read through all my articles that I have posted from the beginning until now, my blog has never agreed about racial basis. I always believe in multi racial, multi ethnic and multi cultural country. I'm glad to be a Malaysian.

When talk about politic in my blog, I will discuss it with fact and figure. I will try my best not to speculate any news that is not true or can harm any human being.

About your blog, for sure I will take my time to look into it.

alexlee said...

To free2talk2me
I guess our friend Jackie is also a involved in political, maybe he is in Gerakan or MCA member, who knows?
Anyhow, When we talk about investment, certain elements should count in, there are timing, risk management, self discipline, knowledge in investment particular in stocks investment & etc.
There is a huge gold mine in most of the country in world, anyone with certain conditions will make money thru these gold mine, there is "Stocks market". It's depends on how we desire to gain from it. Of course with "Terms & Conditions' apply. Good Luck !!

lantern said...

mr alex lee
you are just stating the obvious.every tom dick and harry investor knows that there is money to be made in the stock market anywhere in the can also lose your pants as well!we are also aware that timing is important blah blah blah and all the bullxxxx!!

so what is your investment strategy in a volatile market where swings of 5-10% is not uncommon week on week in most global markets except the 'sturdy' and staid malaysian bourse which is charting a different course instead?

alexlee said...

To mr lantern

Asked yourself first, what is your investment criteria & investment behavior ?? If you have answer for this 2 questions, then just follow your investment style or strategy will do. Your investment will be fruitful at the end of the day.
Of course, i have my investment strategy but i can't disclose here !! I am sure you have your own.
Good Luck~~~~