Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bangkok In Chaos. Any Immediate Effects On Us ?

Bangkok paralyzed. The most recently newly build airports Suvarnabhumi Airport had to be shut down due to the safety. With the current political turmoil hit our country neighbour; will this political turmoil bring any effects to our country? I was wondering whether this morning the KL Composite Index went down has to do with Thailand political turmoil ?

Here are some of the articles from The Nation website.

The Airports of Thailand still kept the Suvarnabhumi Airport shut Wednesday evening, leaving some 3,000 passengers stranded. AoT decided to close the Suvarnabhumi airport Tuesday night after PAD protesters blocked an entrance, entered passenger terminals and scuffled with airport officials.

"We will gather at the airport until Prime Minister Somchai resigns," said PAD spokesman Panthep Wongpuapan, repeating the words of PAD leader Sondhi Limthongkul. Speaking to his followers Tuesday night, Sondhi apologised for the great inconvenience to travellers but said the PAD had no choice with regular bomb attacks that killed and injured many protesters but drew no reaction from the government.

It was a big political gamble by the PAD, which has seen its support declining lately because of controversial, provocative moves. Its die-hard following, however, has been galvanised by deaths and injuries of PAD members since October 7, when police fired tear gas at protesters marching to Parliament. After October 7, the PAD protesters have been targeted for some mysterious bomb attacks that increased the casualty toll.

Army chief Anupong Paochinda, who had been appointed chief of a task force to monitor the PAD and recommend measures to the government, has become a man in the most awkward position. Earlier, he had strongly criticised the government for using violent measures against PAD protesters on October 7, resulting in many deaths and injuries. And on Tuesday afternoon, he reiterated the military's stand that there will not be another coup.

But the latest PAD campaign, which will generate great repercussions on many fronts including security, economy and tourism, Anupong will be under heavy pressure to take some action.

This is a lesson for all the Malaysian. Frankly I against the use of Internal Security Act (ISA) in our country (Malaysia) but if we want to have a peaceful country we need to maintain it. What really happens in Thailand is that their country don't have a system to maintain their public order.

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