Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Crude Palm Oil Prices Might Rebound In Near Terms ?

All the while most of us have been thinking of the negative element that will strike our world financial market; will the Dow Jones Industrial Average breaks it recently low? Will the banking system in every country facing the worst scenario of collapsing? German is the latest country to announce their country has enter into a recession. Will Malaysia face the same situation next year?

How about the performance of the world share market in these few months to come; that also including the performance of the KL Composite Index? To be exact, I don't know whether I'm sitting in a comfortable chair and waiting for the KL Composite Index to tumble or to fall again from a 100 storey high rise building before it crash just like million pieces of glasses. It happens three weeks ago and I'm waiting for another one to happen. Will it happens or I'm just dreaming only?

Yesterday I went through some of the charts and I found out some of the counters are trading at their recently lows. In this case anything can happen once the share prices reaches their recently bottom.

First scenario : when the double bottom been perform, it is likely the share prices will move up.

Second scenario : breaks the recently lows and straight away create new low before they rebound. In order for this to take place, the performance of the KL Composite Index will play an important role to determine the course of way.

Let us take a look at one of the example here. Crude Palm Oil prices has shown a little bit of promising sign to move up. In this case if the Crude Palm Oil manage to breaks its resistance level of RM 1,723 per tonne then it might help the plantation stock to move higher. When the plantation stock move higher the KL Composite Index will move higher. Will it happens?

Will this be an opportunity for the next up trend to occour? Next year will not be a good year for the share market around the world and it is likely to be worst than this year but we cannot assume that it will always be bad through out the year. Any possibility of another up trend to occur anytime for now on cannot be denied. All we have to do right now is keep our eyes open and monitor the market movement.

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