Tuesday, August 26, 2008

UEM World Berhad Create New Lows Again.

How the market condition now ? Down -9.69 points at the moment at about 1,069.04 points. To be frank I'm still watching it. Not good, it is bad. MRCB Berhad started to post new low again. There is one counter, UEM World Berhad is making new and new low again.

Today the counter posted some losses of about RM-0.10 at RM 2.44 per share. A low never seen since 17.08.2007 when the counter create new low at RM 2.23 per share.

This will be the next supporting level for UEM World. If this level break the next supporting level will be RM 2.10 per share.

Today the outcome result for Permatang Pauh by-election will determine how our market will react tomorrow. Dare to buy any of these share ? For me it is not worth it if we have to take the risk to determine our income.

Just watch the movie. It might turn out to be a good movie after all, if Datuk Seri Anwar wins.

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alexlee said...

UMNO have to change or face failure in next general election. It's true bcoz Anwar now is the leader of opposition party in parliament. He will take advantage on UMNO weakness especially in issue of racial, education & religious. We may not see change in 916 but will see it on next general election.