Friday, August 22, 2008

Anwar Threatens to ‘Open Can of Worms'

How good is Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in threatens to "open can of worms"? Few weeks back he use private investigator P.Balasubramanian to threatens Datuk Seri Najib political future and it appear it was a failure.

This time around, it seems to be the attack from both of them is going to get out of hand. Four days more before we knew who will represent the Permatang Pauh.

Haiiiii....... This is not good for our current political secnario. If thing turn ugly, another shock to Bursa Malaysia Index might trigger the falls. Talking about possibility of KL Composite Index reaching 980 points........might happen if current situation still instability.

BUKIT MERTAJAM: Don't push your luck with me or I will open your can of worms! This was the threat issued by Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak following allegations which resurfaced here against him.

The latest was that of him ogling at the wife of Larut member of parliament (MP) and Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister Hamzah Zainuddin a decade ago.

At a gathering in Permatang Pauh (P44) on Tuesday night, Hamzah repeated the allegations which first also surfaced in 1998.

"I am being very patient all this time, but I would like to warn them not to push me beyond the limit. If I open my mouth on personal matters, Najib will be kept busy answering them for a very long time. I have refrained from doing so, as this is not a personal battle but about the political future of the country.

"Remember, I too was in the government and I was privy to a lot of information. Najib knows what I know and he knows what I am talking about. Don't push me to respond or he will regret it," Anwar said.

Anwar, who labelled the Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders as hypocrites, said they should be the last people to talk about morality.

On Tuesday night, at several ceramahs, Anwar warned Najib that he would not hesitate to expose "Port Dickson" if the latter did not stop the personal attacks against him.

He also criticised Hamzah and threatened to take legal action against him. "Why didn't he lodge a police report? How can a deputy minister use the campaign about his wife being ‘disturbed' and please tell me how or where was she ‘disturbed'?

"Don't be a hypocrite, and I know these people are being used to deflect the real issues here. What kind of a human being would make such allegations and I cannot believe Umno would stoop so low and I believe there is more to come.

"I wouldn't be surprised if there are video tapes distributed even in the villages now, videos of Sukma Darmawan's and Dr Munawar Ahmad Anees' admission of me sodomising them being distributed though this issue is 10 years old," Anwar said at a press conference.

Anwar added that despite the allegations being thrown repeatedly at him, he would proceed with his policy of good governance, fairness and reducing the hardships of the people.


Anonymous said...

DSAI dont have to let all the diry worms out. Just open the cans and let a few drop out. Lets see how our Mr. C4 has to say. This guy is not only racialistics but a murderer and corruptor of the highest kind. look at his stupid face wen he talk.
The rakyat have already make up their mind not to believe whatever the BN go_ns say anymore. Let the disgrace Ox-fart so called graduate and all his lap dogs come to Permatang. Rakyat will send them back to 4th floor in a garbage truck.

Huang Siew Hock said...

What is Anwar waiting for? Open up all the cans and let the WORMS crawl out for ALL Malaysians to see! Follow RPK's Ho-HOLDS-BARRED style; and let them get it hot and proper. Bring out the CHILLI PADI !!!

This is the BEST and LAST chance for Anwar! Seize the CHANCE for CHANGE! Take the path of OBAMA of the Democratic Party in USA.
Press the button, Anwar!!!!! Why get bullied, punched, hauled, dragged,grilled ?????

TRUTH will always prevail in the end.


"V" said...

Anwar don't need to do very much. Just focus on the fact that this ethically compromised Arif lied through his teeth when he said he is dropping out of the doctorate course "conducted" by "Edison University of Technology".

This fact alone should sink Arif.

Who in the right senses would vote a liar, a crook, megalomaniac and an "underpeforming-student" (for lack of a better word or should I say "ignoramus"?) to that "August" House of Parliament where our best and brightest are supposed to gather to debate and discuss our future?

You wouldn't vote a liar and an crook to Parliament would you?

Gatekkeper said...

Yeah, Permatang Pauh's people should snsure we don't get "Division 4" or should I say a "Fourth Class" person to represent us in Parliament - where great minds and great men of convctions and beliefs are supposed to meet.

Anwar, make sure you screen and vet all candidates for election into important posts in future. No "Arifs" in Cabinet, Parliament, or State Assembly please!

chong said...

it's fruitless to "open can of worms" as you are powerless. none of the polis, judges or BHR will dare to take action, they are more interested to act as a the BN/ UMNO dog and eat the filthy food.

the Bala incident is a good example.

there is no truth and justice in malaysia.