Friday, August 22, 2008

Kings of Spartans - Bursa Malaysia 980 points ?

When I started to become a blogger about two months back, I never really knew there is such a huge share market bloggers around in Malaysia. Some of them quite good and some of is really good. Basically I can say I'm learning a lot from them.

Here one of the article I would like you all to share with. Why ? Because I like the movie title 300 Spartans. I still can remember, this is the best movie that capture me my surprised when I watch it at cinema. So come on Spartans, lets join the band wagon. "TO THE VICTORY"

Dear Spartans,

This afternoon while having my tea time at Kluang, (I am here in Kluang Johor for a 2 days working trip), sipping my hot Kluang coffee, suddenly I have a vision from Oracle and it told me that KLCI is heading below 1,000 points and to be exact, it is heading to 980 points. This will happen in 2 months time at most.

Therefore, I am sorry to tell you that, unless you can short the market, there is no way anymore for you to make money even with Catching Falling Knife Technique by King Edmund Spartan. In other words please, please, please stay out of the market.

Eventhough, I would like to seek Glory and Fame, to be embraced by my Spartans, and to be the number 1 Financial Blog in Malaysia, but 1 thing I will not do is to lead my Spartans to hell. Unlike the actual movie where the King lead the Spartans to hell for Glory, I, King Spartan Edmund will only lead my warrior to heaven or Iketeru Restaurant->my all time favorite restaurant in Hilton.

Therefore, I hope all my loyal spartans will trust me and my humble judgement + vision from the oracle and STAY THE FARKING HELL OUT OF THE MARKET. There is no way for you to make money in this market. The catching falling knife strategy is not usable anymore, and even it is usable, it is not worth taking the risk.

Thank you my loyal Spartans especially Lipyoong, CCDEV, Samnoballs, Benjamin Lau, DPC, Ningen for your continous support and Never Give Up attitude in Winbursa, especially in this hard time. You will surely be there with me, when I celebrate my 1st million by end of 2009.

For you all farking traitor and impostor out there who trying to destroy Winbursa-The number 1 Financial Blog in Malaysia, all I can say and do to you is this "May you live forever".

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