Tuesday, January 17, 2012

FBM KLCI Consolidating For Chinese New Year Holiday?

Happy New Year to all my readers. Sorry for not posting for quite sometimes due to my work load. Looking at yesterday share market momentum, we can notice that the current share market movement was a bit tired. If we check most of the share prices, we can see most of the counters which have been moving since last December 2011 until now are now moving down and making lower low from their previous low due to some profit taking or maybe ahead of Chinese New Year holidays.

Could we still have any chances for a pre-Chinese New Year rally? I'm doubt about it. Based on the chart reading we might be facing some consolidation move ahead of this CNY holidays but still we can see some rotational play among the penny stocks. Good and blue chips stock were not showing any more interest at these moments. Maybe after this Chinese New Year celebration.

Right now we still can see some of shares are moving especially any mother shares which was listed with any call-warrant listed together. These are the most potential play at this moment. There were so many shares which is listed with call-warrant are moving very fast with certain counters have the ability to achieve 30 to 60 percent premium on profit.

Those who dares to play the call-warrant will sure laugh all the way to the bank recently. But one thing we must remember that not all call-warrants are good play and indeed those who want to play must do some homework before decide to invest or speculate for any of these call-warrants. If we are not careful enough or if we are too greedy, we might fall into a big hole.

Looking at the FBM-KLCI movement at this moment, 1,500 points would stand as mild support at these moments but if the FBM-KLCI break this level than the next support level would be at 1,450 points. Current share market momentum still look nice and stable but we need to look at the overall world equities markets to guide us on the current sentiment.


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