Thursday, April 5, 2012

FBM-KLCI Weakening. Sentiment like "Dead Fish"

Looking at the FBM-KLCI chart: No doubt the index has penetrated and making new high still we cannot treat it as good news. If we watch closely and monitor the whole market momentum in the process - our market just like a Dead Fish lying in the wet market.

Obviously it is quite disappointed the way our share market behaves and looking at the turnover or the transaction done, it was way below the share market expectation. The index is moving higher but the turnovers are getting lower and lower. This not a good sign. It shows that the Malaysian share market have no strength to move on.

Couple with Candlestick indicator that appears yesterday, it was a bad sign when they appear on top. Current sentiment is telling us to stay at the sidelines or stay away from this share market. For the Dow Jones Industrial Average, it appears that the Dow is showing some sign of weakening but it is still early to tell. From chart wise, I will share with you all in my next posting.


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